Think you’re An Expert in Finding the Best Mobile app Development Company? Take this Quiz to Know the Truth

Think you’re An Expert in Finding the Best Mobile app Development Company? Take this Quiz to Know the Truth

Sep 07 2016

How much are you addicted to your mobile phone? Well, it’s difficult to gauge the extremeness of it, but the addiction is certainly not less enough to be avoided. The credit goes to mobile application development company that make these gadgets the main lifeline of people.

This article gives you a detailed guide on hiring the right company to fulfill your development needs. The flow of the article can be diagrammatically represented as follows:


Why Should you Invest in Building a Mobile App?


The addiction of mobile phone does not limit to you alone! Everyone you see around would be playing with those fingers and working wonders on the screens of a pocket sized gadget. The pie-chart below justifies the statement:


                                                                                                              Image source: Flurry

This explains the significance and role of mobile phones in the lives of people.

Have you ever though why these small gadgets have become an indispensable part of you? The reason is simple and reasonable: the comfort that mobile apps bring in carrying out everyday tasks is unmatched.  When comfort is served in the platter, getting addicted to it is no wonder!

Now that you know how important and useful mobile apps are to people, you would think of investing money in one. It could be either to attract clients for your established business or build a new app to entertain people and earn money from it.

So now are you willingly to invest money on building a mobile app? Sounds great, let’s move to the next step of hiring the services of a mobile app development company. You would need the help of a professional company to assist you in monetizing app plan.

How to find a Genuine Mobile App Development Company?

The market is flooded with thousands of app development companies, all claiming to be the best in town. In such a scenario, it is you who has to be wise to analyze the genuineness of the firm. Let’s focus on what factors to consider while evaluating a mobile application development company.



‘Experience makes a man perfect’ is a well-known saying and it stands true for companies too. Would you like to risk your money and business in the hands of a newly established firm? Definitely not, for this reason experience is placed as the first criteria in the check list.

An experienced company is able to handle your project in a better way when compared to newbies. Set the limit as 5+ years of experience while browsing through the list of mobile app development companies in the town.


What could be better than asking previous clients of their experience with the app development firm? The answer or review given by clients is neutral and does not carry any promotional intentions. Such reviews help you to know the true potential of the company.

Review the Success of its Past Work

Ask for the portfolio of mobile app development company to have a look at its previous work. The portfolio reveals many significant aspects that you, as a prospective client, need to know:

  • What kinds of apps have the company built?
  • What was the complexity of those apps?
  • How much feature-rich where those apps?
  • To what level have they used graphics in the app?

These answers will put few more ticks in the checklist of gauging potential of app development firm.

In-House Work or Outsource

Does the company undertake designing and development in-house or it outsources the work? This is rather an important question that matters to you as you would like to know as to which team would be working on your project.

In-house team of designers and developers is a good option as you can be assured of qualified and certified resources working on your project. Outsourcing is not a reliable option as you would always be skeptical of the final result.

On-Time Delivery

Will the mobile app development company deliver you the final app till deadline? This answer, last but not the least, matters a lot considering your after-release marketing plans for the app. The firm that does not give you a word to complete the project till the set deadline is not worth relying on.

Instead opt for the one that sets your project on top of the priority list and promises to deliver the app on the said time. Now that the final tick is done with this ‘on-time delivery’ factor, it’s time to contact the most appropriate app development company.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you are educated enough on how to select the right mobile app development company, start your search and prepare a list of top development firms. Keep this checklist of factors by your side and rule out the wrong options one-by-one. The firm that matches all the criteria discussed above is the right one to contact to discuss your business endeavors.

Contacting Modern TechnoLab – Top Mobile App Development Company

Modern TechnoLab is a 7 year old established mobile application development company. With the pride of having a team of certified and highly talented resources, the company has served over 60+ clients worldwide. The company is known to adapt to emerging technologies in order to deliver services that match the current market trends.

Innovative approach to work, transparency in processes and goal to deliver nothing less than excellence is what sets them apart from the crowd. Highly skilled and passionate resources work dedicatedly on client’s project to deliver the project on time. ‘Complete value for money’ and ‘100% client satisfaction’ has earned them a good name in the IT industry.

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