Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help you plan for 2017 (Infographics)

Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help you plan for 2017 (Infographics)

May 24 2017

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel marketing focused to target customers on Smart phones, Tablets and other handy devices. It is a digital strategy to reach out via websites, Social media, GIF, MMS, SMS and emails through mobile devices. It’s more evident than ever today. From reading an email to placing an order, everything has to be accessible at the fingertips of your customers.

Trends have changed radically over the last few years. Users make the most of their mobile devices to look out for the products and their reviews as well. Geolocation and other personalization features help them get more precise and accurate details. This trend is likely to increase in the years to come as mobile is the easiest and most convenient way to access anything you want. It means a bad mobile user experience will lead you to lose your customers. Marketers know this well and mobile consumes the maximum amount of share in their digital marketing budget.

We live in a mobile dominating world and our presence there is inevitable. No digital marketing campaign is complete and impactful without mobile. It has changed the way how you interact with your customers and they engage with your brands dramatically. Just like other digital marketing activities, it’s ever changing and dynamic.

The number of mobile users has taken over the number of web users. You might be reading this from your mobile too!!! So basically it’s obvious and there’s no point in asking whether mobile presence matters or not. What matters is that how well you can utilize the data we’ve put in this info-graphic to build the mobile marketing strategy that never fails!!

Numbers don’t lie!! A marketing guy has to be backed up with the data before he says or does anything. Through this infographic, we’ll walk you through some current fascinating stats about mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Statistics 2017 Infographic

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